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'Make Jamaica safer for our youth' - GG calls for more secure communities for young people

Published:Friday | May 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Karen Sudu, Gleaner Writer

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen has made a call for communities across the country to create a stable environment where young people can grow and have values inculcated and reinforced in them.

"Communities that have structured development programmes are more likely to have higher rates of achievement among their young people, fewer incidents of crime, lower rates of violence, and more sustainable economic activity," he said.

He made the appeal at the Bramwell Clarke Park and Sports Complex in Ewarton, recently, while on a tour of St Catherine.

He noted that the celebration of 50 years of Independence as a nation required serious introspection and a resolution to move forward.

"We are visiting with Jamaicans to highlight some of our national achievements and affirm your accomplishments at the local level. We want to acknowledge your achievements as a community and help to rekindle a sense of pride, confidence and hope in the enterprises and the activities that have lifted the profile of Jamaica since 1962," he said.

He lauded the Ewarton Community Development Action Committee for initiating a number of community development projects including a life skills training centre, established out of a need for literacy and special-education training in Ewarton and the surrounding areas.

Common objectives

"The facilities that you have established and activities in which you are engaged, are positive examples of what can be achieved when you mobilise community resources and coalesce around common objectives," he said.

He added: "The basis of sustainable community development is the involvement and active participation of the people themselves who own the process and are beneficiaries. The development of our nation has come from the community and from the activities that take place on the ground at this level,

The tour party, which included custos of St Catherine Reverend Sofia Azan, also made stops at McGrath High School in Treadways, Jamaica Energy Partners and Blackwood Gardens Basic School in Old Harbour Bay, Sunbeam Boys' Home in Spring Village and the Spring Village Development Foundation.