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Parliament's fashion picks - From stately to ordinary

Published:Friday | May 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Kamina Johnson-Smith strikes a demure pose.
Lisa Hanna selected what many may consider an understated creme skirt suit.
Olivia Grange did not put one bad fashion foot forward in this dress.
This outfit needs a little more attitude in the pose, Senator!
Senator Imani Duncan Price always strikes the right fashion notes.
Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert makes even the zebras proud.

Correction & Clarification

We incorrectly captioned a photograph as Paula Kerr-Jarrett. We regret the error. She is Kamina Johnson-Smith


The fashion picks for the ceremonial opening of Parliament yesterday were not as hot as the pelting sun. Nevertheless, parliamentarians, government officials and their spouses - from stately to ordinary - strutted confidently on Duke Street to Gordon House.

The colours of choice were more subdued this year. Creme seemed to be the favourite for many, which was perhaps a smart choice to keep cool in the mid-morning sweltering heat.

Various combinations of black and white were fashion picks for many of the ladies. Splashes of bold colours - hues of blue and aqua were dazzling.

And oh, the hats - which have now become a staple of this grand occasion - were fabulous. Those that caught our fashion lenses exquisitely complemented the outfits.