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Bedbugs are on the rise

Published:Saturday | May 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

BEDBUGS (chinks) are making a comeback. The parasitic insects which prefer to feed on human blood are experiencing a resurgence across the globe, according to American scientist Dr Dini Miller, who recently visited the island at the behest of the Pesticides Control Authority to participate in a workshop.

"We are seeing bedbugs spread throughout the planet, not just in the United States. This is a worldwide resurgence. They have come back with a vengeance," she told The Gleaner this week. "We are seeing them spread in a pandemic across the world, and they are coming back with such great force and people aren't used to having them around, so this is becoming a real irritation."

On a recent visit to Japan, the associate professor at Virginia Tech University's Department of Entomology asked pest control operators about bedbug infestation and was shocked when about one-third of the 90 persons put up their hands.

"What this shows is that in the future it will get worse, just like we've seen in the United States," warned Miller.

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