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Bleachers promoting self-hate

Published:Saturday | May 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM


We live in a country which favours light-skinned persons over the darker variety. Organisations, institutions and beauty pageants have, over the years, helped to promote self-hate by their selection of 'brownings' to workplaces and contests.

As a young girl, I am very worried, very concerned, very alarmed at the large percentage of young boys and girls in our schools who are dissatisfied with their dark skin and have resorted to bleaching.

I often wonder if the parents of these children are not aware of the children's brighter hues, or if they allow their offspring to destroy their 'natural' appearance? Don't they know the true beauty of their black skin?

Am I justified in my concern for my peers' self-hate? Don't we have adults setting the trend? Aren't parents bleaching, teachers bleaching, church members bleaching?



Claude McKay High

James Hill PO, Clarendon