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Poetry 1

Published:Sunday | May 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Jamaica ... money problem

So where do we start as a nation (at a crossroads)?

How do I guide my poetic pen?

Is it the qualifications that I need for a job (there are only a few)

Or criminals trying to steal what I have?

Could it be the woes of our ailing health sector (lack of technical equipment and other woes)

Or hunger induced by inflation?

Businesses proudly decorate our towns (amidst the deflated economy)

Beggars can be seen all around (sometimes with the homeless)

Brilliant minds gather on campus (universities have become businesses too)

Different approach but similar purpose

Capitalism unveils it's ugly lead

A burden of economy as heavy as lead

Oppresses our people

Conditions our psyche

So austerity prevails and caprice abounds

What next?

- Orette C. Burke

Consultation with love (For Cherene Lewis)

She came out in her splendour to look for me

It was then that I knew I wanted her to be

The pleasure of my youth, the joy of my days

The lover in my life from phase to phase

As the sun shone down that lovely afternoon

Her presence radiated and had me cocooned

In ecstasy and fantasy

Serenity and tranquility

Had she been so long known to me?

How could I possibly have felt that free?

It was her eyes that gleamed the promise of happiness

Her face which bore that aesthetic finesse

It was her smile that made my imagination lit

Her voice that healed my broken spirit

I'm in love and love's the best to consult

Somehow I'm confident of a good result

So I lay in my solitude after all these thoughts

And a gentle voice whispered from the bottom of my heart:

"If she loves you, I cannot tell

For it's just impossible for me to rebel

Against the laws of nature and time

By revealing to you the state of her mind

I know why and exactly how you feel

I just can't say if there's mutual zeal

But give me to her and with wisdom you'll know

If I'm there by the signs she'll show

And this I guarantee, I cannot lie

I'll always be worth another try

So I wish you the best on this endeavor

And if she loves you, I'll be there forever."

- Orette C. Burke 


Cries of anguish

Utter confusion

Harmless agers


Citizens crying

Eventide's on fire

Disaster now

The devil's desire

Invalids hopeless

Spared were few

Death could be seen

From all view

Charred remains of civilisation

Arsonist witness say

Mourning, distress, deceased and fear

Could be seen on that sad day

Cries of frustration

Souls deprived

Eventide disaster

Few survived

- Karl Salmon

Prayer for my child(Dedicated to Javaughnte Davis)

Bless my child and guide his ways

Keep him from the evil days

Hold him; cover him 'safe and sound'

Lift him to higher ground

Help him grow to become a man

A man that will be strong, a man that will stand

Be his guide, his mentor, his light

Keep him out of danger's sight

Let him always be shining bright

Glowing through the darkened night

Fill him with your tremendous love

Let him be the peaceful dove

- Jonahlee Brown

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