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Poetry 2

Published:Sunday | May 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Poem Of  the Day

For my mother

You carried me for nine months and still counting

You played the role of mom and dad and still going

Mother, you are always there when I'm in need

You are more than a mother, you are a friend indeed

Thank you, mother for waiting with me for nine months and zero days

You, mother, surely deserve all my praise

Thank you, mother, for being there to see my first grin

Thank you, mother, for being there through thick and thin

Thank you, mother, for showing the real strength of a woman

In growing up a son to be an exceptional gentleman

Thank you, mother, for playing the roles

You encouraged and believed in me to achieve all my goals

For my mother, I sure do love you ...

- Roshain R. Greensword

I call her mom




And strong

These are the reasons I call her Mom

She's always been my biggest fan

The push I needed to continue

When nothing seemed to go my way

When all I did seemed wrong

I've never felt unloved

Though sometimes I would frown

When she scolded and reprimanded me

For things that I had done

Our lives have never been easy

But she has always been my strength

She taught me that with hard work

Better was sure to come

She showed me that determination

Would take me through this life

Now that I am grown

And see the world around me

I know for sure I'll be all right

Because she's raised me right

I have not much to fear

Her love has prepared me and kept me strong

So I'm proud to tell the world

I call this beautiful woman Mom

- Corrine Binning


You are strong



You encapsulate the essence

Of humanity

You are compassionate



You are the prototype of the specie

Magnificently transforming

Existence into life

Altruistic, we laud you

For we are the products

Of your creativity


Pre-eminent care

Your substance,

Vital to our beings

Reigns within our souls

Making us whole

For you are complete

You are God's elite

You are mother!

- Orette C. Burke

Bury me with my shoes

Bury me with my shoes

for my journey here is done.

I have no more miles to go,

no more trials to overcome.

Don't try to find someone to fill them, only I can be who I was.

But if the impressions I've left make you smile,

let them rest in your memories of love.

Bury me with my shoes

Don't let them block the way

of the path that keeps on winding towards brighter, fruitful days.

Bury me with my shoes,

I will walk this way no more.

What I've left behind is all I can give, matters not what I had in store.

Lay me down, let me rest;

take my good and make it best.

Do with my path whatever you choose,

but rest my soul, bury me with my shoes.

- Patty-Gay Rhodes