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Miss Jamaica World joins Jamaica 50 'pageantry'

Published:Sunday | May 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Correction & Clarification

The story carried had the headline 'Miss Jamaica Universe joins Jamaica 50 pagentry'. That was an error and the headline should have read 'Miss Jamaica World joins Jamaica 50 'pagentry'. We regret the error and any inconvenience it may have caused the franchise holders of the Miss Jamaica World pageant.


Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

In her first year as pageant director, former beauty queen Regina Beavers will be integrating Jamaica 50 and her own flair into this year's Miss Jamaica World coronation show.

For the event that will be held on June 23, the theme will be 'We Celebrate 50 - Jamaica Unite'. Beavers said the theme will be seen in several activities, as well as photoshoots.

The process leading up to the main show started in March with a series of auditions to pre-select some of the girls. The 37 girls have been receiving grooming and training, as well as free gym membership at Spartan Health Club.

However, the pre-selected girls are not guaranteed a place among the 20 girls that will parade at the final show. Instead, the pre-selected contestants will have to compete in the elimination show, as the competition is still open to other young women who may be interested.

Beavers noted that some persons, who will be in the elimination show are either overseas or finishing exams so they were unable to audition previously.

In explaining the reason for doing the pre-selection, Beavers said: "We did that to better prepare the ladies. We want to help with developing our young ladies."

But Beavers admits that, in some way, the pre-selected girls might have an advantage over some of the girls who will be part of the elimination show on May 23.

"In a sense because they (pre-selected contestants) were exposed to what the finalists will be exposed to," she said.

With the pre-selected contestants going on various outings and getting some amount of exposure, Beavers says she hopes this will prompt other girls to enter.

The only two young women guaranteed a place among the 20 finalists are the winners of the Miss Jamaica World Middlesex and Miss Jamaica World Cornwall competitions.

Although only two of the 20 finalists have been selected, Beavers is already lauding the contestants.

"I think that we have got a large selection of women. I do think there is always room for improvement," she said.

Jamaica to do well

And as it relates to the Miss World pageant that will be held on August 18 in Inner Mongolia, China, Beavers thinks the Jamaican representative will do well.

"I really think we will come home with the Miss World title," she said, while referring to herself as a 'prophet'.

This was not the first year of the pre-selection process, as it was done last year, but not as extensively.

There are a few new elements, though, that will be added to the show. She said the show will be held under the patronage of Damion Crawford, state minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment.

In addition, she said they have partnered with Appleton to select a 'Miss ATI' from the group of contestants.

"It's more about having the presence, flair, charm, smile, being photogenic and being able to stand out," she said, noting that the Miss ATI contest will take place on June 9.

In the event that the winner of the Miss ATI also wins the Miss Jamaica World pageant on June 23, Beavers says the first or second runner-up in that contest will assume the Miss ATI title.

Beavers added that they have signed off with TVJ and for the first time, the production of the show will be done for TV.