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Should Christians seek love on the net?

Published:Monday | May 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Sacha Walters-Gregory, Staff Reporter

Dating websites are widespread in cyberspace with themed ones geared towards Black persons and Christians becoming more popular, but especially for the Christian, is it an acceptable way to meet a mate?

"Christians should meet in the place they call home and that's the church.

"I don't believe Christians should have a site that is focused on dating. It only enhances the idea of sexual immorality among Christians!" said 'AG', a surfer via a social network conversation.

A concept that some Christians agree with, citing the potential dangers of interacting with persons who might not be honest about their intentions.

"There are a lot of dangers surrounding the whole blind date thing. The person can pretend online then might turn out to be a rapist, even worst, a killer!" he said.

Such websites can also serve as a potential ground for persons to hide behind the guise of being Christian and might leave unsuspecting persons falling easier for their tricks.

However, according to evangelist André Allen-Casey, while the fundamental dangers which exist with any other dating website are present here, he sees nothing wrong with a single Christian using technology to help meet their soulmate, once they are careful.

"I think it's a good thing especially since it's about people of the same philosophy," said Allen-Casey. "They may not be of the same religion but at least they are of the same philosophy," he said.

Play by the rules

Allen-Casey, who is also a minister of religion and a counselling psychologist, said what is imperative is that persons do not forget the teachings of their faith and play by the rules.

"Rules of engagement must be adhered to. If the rules are not adhered to then that defeats the purpose of calling it a Christian dating site," he said.

He pointed out that once Christians remember their calling to submit to God's will, and search for someone of equal standing and of like minds, for instance a Christian who is also abstaining from sex before marriage, the relationship has a greater incidence of success. He said it has been shown that such relationships, when they lead to marriage, have a lower incidence of infidelity.

JB, another male in the conversation on the social network website believes that dating websites can benefit the Christian.

"We should be encouraging young Christian adults from long time to socialise more together, instead they are taking so many chances with people in the world. Which we all know is dangerous grounds for any young Christian looking for love," he said.

For Karena divorcee who has been seeking a good Christian mate, she knows the challenges.

"I have been praying like forever, but didn't the Bible say that prayer without faith is dead? I have been praying for years to God for a good God-fearing Christian man, going on the site doesn't mean that you're going to have sex," said the mother who is in her 30s.

But AG insists that this should not be an option for Christians.

"If you are a single Christian and you feel the need to date, then pray about it and seek people who you know or have met and talked to before and then see what the Lord does for you," he said.

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