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Congrats to JTA on reading day initiative

Published:Monday | May 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I would like to congratulate the Jamaica Teachers' Association for its very impactful and well-conceived initiative, Read Across Jamaica Day. This is a typical example of how people can mobilise available resources in a cost-effective way to produce meaningful results.

Last Tuesday, a number of representatives from companies across Jamaica participated in reading activities to mark the annual event, which is designed to encourage more children to read. From all indications, the exercise was again successful.

Digicel Foundation and local children's book author, Kelly Magnus, must also be lauded for their collaborative partnership of financial support and for creating an awakening of cultural awareness through books, respectively. In the Little Lion series, Magnus epitomises a writer's role of partially serving the community while making a bold attempt to preserve the Jamaican culture in the face of imminent 'deculturalisation'.

Our children need to be constantly reminded of who they are, as well as to be provided with positive options for behavioural choices.

So as Jamaica celebrates Child Month, let us all look out for the children by helping to promote reading literacy.


Kingston 8