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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | May 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM

St Thomas trips

1 Folks are wondering what's up with those early morning visits to the eastern part of the island. Lately, the coach has been making trips under the cover of darkness to an obscure address in St Thomas which tends to attract a whole lot of visitors just before daybreak!

Big sale day

2. It's not strictly speaking a fire sale, however, the giant is soon to shed some valuable real estate. It will certainly help the cash flow situation and avoid further embarrassment, said onlookers.

Treasure chest fuss

3. Listen for the bangarang to come over who gets the heirloom and other valuables. The treasure chest is about to be opened.

Not a failure

4. Many had written off the venture as one doomed to fail. However, the little man is showing that he is serious about his business and some are predicting that he will bring much excitement and prestige to Jamaica in the very near future.