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LETTER OF THE DAY - Obama on the right side of history

Published:Tuesday | May 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM


For those of you who have been experiencing a spike in humidity over the past few days, I can assure you that conditions will be improving by next week.

No, I'm not a weatherman or an obeah man. I'm just convinced that much of the hot air clogging the atmosphere will dissipate when the gleeful passengers of the Obama bandwagon finally get over the fact that they were supporting a socially progressive, liberal, human-rights agenda all along.

All this commotion and disappointment concerning his most recent pronouncement in support of gay marriage is, therefore, disingenuous, to say the least.

Didn't all those people in Jamaica wearing 'Yes We Can' T-shirts and adorning their vehicles with 'Obama '08' bumper stickers realise that they were, in fact, supporting someone whose political views are largely anathema to our obstinately born-again version of Jamaican 'prosely-tics'?

What were they supporting?

Were they simply supporting him because he is black? Surely, as a people, we are more discerning and sophisticated than that! I've never known my people to support politicians for frivolous, superficial reasons. Heaven forbid!

I think the right thing to do for those who are so offended by the president's yielding to iniquity is to boycott America: Give up your visas; stop eating burgers and fries; fight the urge to dance to American pop music; and return to our own home-grown political paragons of moral virtue.

I can't say I'll be joining you, though. I much prefer being on the right side of history.