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Published:Thursday | May 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Should graduation exercises be abolished for early childhood and primary schools?

Graduating three times by the time you get to 17 years gives you nothing to aspire to! Early childhood graduation is rubbish!


Yes. How necessary is it for early childhood kids to have graduation exercise?


No! It gives kids an early feeling of achievement. The cost of these graduation exercises, however, should be limited.


It's ridiculous, graduation for toddlers. That's not an accomplishment worthy of celebrating. That should be a given!


That's probably the only graduating exercise some of them will ever experience though.


Yes, abolish them. Simple prize-giving activity is enough.


The pre- and primary-school levels can be very expensive. The money can be used to buy study material or pay school fees.


Not for primary but for early childhood. There is no need to subject babies to that stress.


Yes, abolish these prep/primary 'graduations'. Only high-school and tertiary-level grads. Something to aspire to achieve!


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