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Published:Thursday | May 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Should corporal punishment be prohibited in homes as well as schools in Jamaica?

Child abuse should be banished but more laws and repression cannot be the key. Parents are like children; they need to be educated.

Binche Pawa

The good book says we should not spare the rod and spoil the child, there is no distinction between home and school. If it is necessary, use it.

Lennox Rowe

It has its place in both the home and schools. We should stop mixing up spanking with abuse. Some children deserve some spanking every now and then.

Leisha Tucker

Any form of punishment in the home or at school is ok for me. I have a problem with abuse. I've had my share at home and not much at school. Guess what? I'm alive and better off for it.

Brenda Gayle

We need it at home, we need it back in schools. Violence in schools has never been worse than after the removal of corporal punishment in schools.

Mini McClure

Yes, knowledge has now increased, situations can now be resolved with dialogue instead of brute force!

Ray Mcintosh

Hitting and beating children does not teach them to be loving human beings. It only helps to raise angry people.

Daniela Came

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