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Published:Thursday | May 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Is this a switch?

1 People are asking if she has switched allegiance. Why would the horse-riding former councillor show up at a PNP Member of Parliament Mother's Day Brunch in full orange. Was she sending a message, or is it the new flame that is burning orange? Many of those who were in attendance are still talking.

Rude boss?

2 The recent offer by the company was oversubscribed, even with no jobs in the marketplace. Many are frustrated and tired of the disrespect shown to them by management. Story is that curse words are commonplace and a senior one has not got a clue, and so he is abrasive and vulgar, to the point that an entire team has opted to leave. For many, the straw that broke the camel's back was the response to a recent presentation in which the boss shouted, "Get out of my face!! Get out of my office".

Playing number two

3 Many are in a state of shock with what they say is the about-face by the shallow one whose homophobic campaign in the last general election saw his party's candidates losing to all those he labelled as "playing number two". Word that he will be leading the charge to repeal the buggery law has many wondering what brought on the about-face.

Very bad start

4 The new divisional commander out west is said to be off to a very bad start when it comes to his relationship with the business leaders. Word is he went to a meeting and declared that there is a new sheriff in town, in such a tone of belligerence and bellicosity that he offended all present, leaving some to say his attitude and chest-beating posturing was reminiscent of the days when all that one needed to qualify as an applicant for the job was a pair of size-12 feet!

Down and dirty

5 There's a video going around profiling a number high-profile men, taken at a popular nightspot in which the mean can clearly be seen getting down and dirty with the burlesque performers. Some say it even has some in flagrante delicto. Story is the action-packed video was filmed live on location at the nightspot below the clock and is now quietly making the rounds at select screenings.

Lotto scammers

6 Some are asking that the proceeds of crime bill be widened to include businesses or individuals who facilitate the perpetrators of the lotto scammers by providing them with goods and services without questioning their source of funds! They argue that any company or individual who sells a multimillion-dollar motor vehicle to an 18- or 19-year-old, or a condominium, and then that teenager pays for that motor vehicle in cash, should be jailed.