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World Telecoms Day: LIME women making a difference

Published:Thursday | May 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Today is World Telecoms Day and it is being celebrated under the theme 'Women and Girls in ICT'. The Gleaner turns the spotlight on some shining lights at LIME.

Highly respected by their colleagues, LIME's Rochelle Cameron, Maria Thompson-Walters, Lisa Hayles and Nicole Gordon are among the many female powerhouses being saluted today.

Coming from opposite poles of the telecommunication and ICT business, these four women make a tremendous impact on the everyday operations of the Caribbean's largest telecommunications provider.


For Cameron who heads LIME's legal and regulatory team, keen attention to legal and industry matters as well as being involved in advocacy, negotiations, strategic planning and team building form a key part of her contribution to the largely evolving telecommunications landscape.

"A significant part of my role is the management of contract processes, from negotiation to the execution, of wholesale and retail telecommunications services and monitoring of legal and regulatory compliance in the provision of regulated and competitive products and services" says Cameron.


Heading up a workforce of more than 3000 employees for such a dynamic and multifaceted business is no easy task for Thompson-Walters, LIME's regional human resources director. Having joined the LIME team more than four years ago, she says, "maintaining the human element is key in an industry that is driven primarily by technology. My team has to help our colleagues adapt to a rapidly changing environment and so the ability to 'predict the future" and what the human resource needs will look like is of paramount importance."

Gordon and Hayles

Cementing their place in what was originally considered a male-controlled area; LIME network engineers Nicole Gordon and Lisa Hayles successfully hold their own and are considered two key assets in ensuring the LIME network remains in good working order.

As a network maintenance technician, Gordon is the only female on her immediate work team. Employed to LIME since 2005, she quickly points out that "As an engineer, in this dynamic environment, you are challenged to formulate innovative strategies for processes and products to meet the customer's needs."

Always equipped with her Blackberry and network testing tools, Hayles is responsible for maintaining cell sites in Western Jamaica. "I think there is space for more women in the ICT sector. This is one of the areas that is not highly competitive and I would want to see more women in this field." she adds.

World Telecoms Day is being celebrated across all 14 LIME business units with varying activities being executed throughout the region.

LIME is the region's first and boldest technology innovator; providing services in mobile and fixed telephony, ADSL and wireless data services along with a rapidly expanding entertainment portfolio which includes IPTV.