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Heineken goes all out to inspire

Published:Friday | May 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Scores of patrons prepare to board the music train during the Heineken Inspire awards and party at the station on Pechon Street, downtown Kingston, on Saturday, April 28.
Kevoy Burton and his team, College Access, pose with their cheque after winning the Heineken Inspired Compe-tition's film section during a presentation party. - File photos

Hasani Walters, Gleaner Writer

The advice that if you want to stand out, don't be different, be outstanding, goes a long way. It happened to find itself downtown at the Kingston railway terminus on April 28, when the grand finals of the Heineken Inspire competition took place.

The event, which was truly an experience to remember, did well in flipping the script on the usual events that the Corporate Area sees with its 'out of this city' approach to décor, lighting, bar service and overall entertainment package.

LeVaughn Flynn, brand PR manager at Red Stripe spoke about of the many standout features the event boasted.

"One of the things we strived for at the Heineken Inspire finale on April 28 was for it to be different than any other event held in Jamaica. We had the competition phase where we unearthed the next big star in fashion, film, music and art, and we wanted to celebrate that in a special way," Flynn said.

This special way, he said, was evident through "the location - Kingston's railway station - and the elements included in the party".

"We wanted to truly provide an inspired event for patrons, and the only way to do that was to offer something totally unique. The train station provided the effect of piquing patrons' interest. Also, trains are a big feature in Heineken's homeland of Holland, and we wanted to make that connection," he said.

Another dimension

Another hit on the night was the Games Room, which was equipped with an Xbox Kinect gaming console. This wireless device is controlled by the human body and made for fun interaction, adding another dimension to the party experience.

Flynn said that the gaming console inclusion also stuck to the theme of Heineken, as the brand is renowned for being big in games and sports through its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League, the Rugby World Cup, as well as their Star Player Facebook application for the Champions League.

The Inspire event also provided its many patrons with a few 'first experiences'.

"We didn't just host a party at the train station; we offered rides all night to consumers. We had a music train, equipped with a bar and DJ, that was a hit with everyone who rode it, many persons admitting they were riding a train for the first time," Flynn said.

All this was matched with good décor as the party also featured a cold room to resonate with Heineken's extra-cold theme. That room had a special effects-photography booth, as well as a snowmobile simulator.

The organisers even went as far as importing special Heineken STR bottles, which glow under black light, to add to the eye-catching artwork that enhanced the venue.