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Stop engaging in gay rights lobbying

Published:Saturday | May 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I stand in solidarity with all those who are in opposition to the gay lifestyle in Jamaica. The Gleaner seems to be actively engaging in gay rights lobbying of late.

It is sad to see The Gleaner trying to sell to the rest of us the idea that monetary, material and economic progress should be gained by courting the wealth and power of gays, and or pandering to the wishes of powerful nations like Britain and the United States.

I would hope that The Gleaner, the leading newspaper in our little island home, Jamaica, will not sell out itself, but will stand firm for NORMAL family values, and for moral rectitude, no matter the pressure from abroad or at home!

The world, indeed, is in need of men (and women) who will not be bought or sold, but it does seem that The Gleaner's pet argument is to appeal to the financial gain to be had by Jamaica slowly, but surely, casting off the 'shackles' of sexual decency and normality.

Mr Editor, I do hope you are mindful of the majority of us who are against the perverse gay lifestyle. Remember that in a democracy, the voice of the majority counts, as polls have consistently shown that most Jamaicans are not in favour of the decriminalisation of the buggery law.

If we don't want God's influence in the affairs of our land, we should also change our national anthem, remove the Bibles from the courtrooms, find some other symbol by which to swear, have no devotions in schools, discontinue national prayer breakfasts, etc. It is national hypocrisy to do otherwise and remain consistent!

I wonder whether The Gleaner would be willing to advocate, too, for this 'consistency' across the board, that is, doing away with these 'antiquated' realities, as some would indeed argue. Is this the floodgate The Gleaner would want to open?


St Elizabeth