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Cops hold 'Bebe' and 'Killer Bee' in lotto raid

Published:Sunday | May 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Correction & Clarification

In the story carried under the headline 'Cops hold Bebe and Killer Bee in lotto raid', the impression might have been given that a retired policeman was found to be living at the same address as Calvin Stephenson, otherwise called Killer Bee. The retired policeman, however, was found to be living at the same address as that indicated on a driver's licence in Stephenson's possession.


Kenrick Stephenson, otherwise called 'Bebe', a well-known and well-connected figure in western Jamaica, was arrested during an operation led by the lottery scam task force.

"Bebe is one of the founders of the illegal lottery scam and he has been living a luxurious lifestyle, yet he has never, from our understanding, been employed in any of the services in Jamaica," head of the task force, Superintendent Leon Clunie, told journalists.

"We seized several items from him, including a Lexus motor car," said Clunie of Bebe, who is on a first-name basis with many movers and shakers in western Jamaica.

"What is also interesting is that this mansion that he (Bebe) operates from (in Coral Gardens, St James) there is illegal electricity, so we called in the Jamaica Public Service Company," added Clunie, as he noted that the electricity had been disconnected several times in the past.

Brother held

Clunie said the operation also took the police to Rose Heights, in St James, where Bebe's brother, Calvin Stephenson, otherwise called 'Killer Bee' was held.

He was reportedly found with a driver's licence. Further investigation, Clunie said, revealed that a retired policeman was also living at the same address.

Clunie noted that Killer Bee has been using that address for about five years conducting his illegal scamming.

"It was a very successful operation ... which is leading us into other areas. We will continue to do our job, and nobody is excluded," declared Clunie.

He said the operation started about 5:30 a.m. as the lottery scam task force working with the local intelligence unit, carried out raids in several communities in St James and Hanover.

Woman disowns items

The police operation in Hanover took them to premises where a woman was found in a major complex with lead sheets (containing information about possible victims) and other items, including vegetable matter, believed to be ganja.

The woman disowned the items, arguing that the persons from outside could have taken them and put them there.

But she was taken into custody nevertheless, and her motor vehicle seized.

"She has not been working for several years and we are now investigating other crimes that she might have committed. She will be charged in connection with the vegetable matter and also unlawful possession of property," said Clunie.

A young man found on the premises was also taken into custody and his motor vehicle seized.

By end of the operation yesterday, Clunie said more than 11 high-profile vehicles were seized and 28 persons, including eight females, arrested.

Clunie said five of those detained are to be charged in connection with several illegal activities, including illegal drugs and offensive weapons.

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