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Glitzy graduations make no sense

Published:Sunday | May 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I wish to support and commend the Ministry of Education in defence of parents feeling pressured into paying exorbitant fees for their children to participate in school-leaving exercises at early childhood and primary levels.

It has been my experience of many years as chairman of several school boards, to the displeasure of some parents and principals when it comes time for these exercises, who demand the pageantry.

What you find most often is that children will go through their entire early childhood and primary years without a single textbook, or lunch money, then at the end all this useless spending, all to the advantage of the school and teachers. What nonsense!

Our parents need to be educated on what is priority for their children and themselves, and get rid of the fashion show, 'hottie, hottie' culture. Children should attend school-leaving exercises in their uniforms, with utmost simplicity and dignity.

It is a sad reflection on the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA), when its president makes an irresponsible statement as to what the Ministry of Education should have on its agenda. There has to be a moral watchdog on all areas of life in Jamaica today.

Paul Adams' speech should be guarded and he should process and or seek advice before he speaks. It is said in Jamaica that some people mouth 'nuh have no back door'. I further support the call for the JTA to be 'defanged'.


Immaculate Conception

Catholic Church, Stony Hill