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Take responsibility, stop complaining!

Published:Monday | May 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The Soloist, Contributor

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of seeing these careless women with a bag a fatherless pickney on prime time television news every night. I am tired because they blame everyone else but themselves for their lot, and it's the poor defenceless children who are suffering from their careless habits.

The young woman last week Tuesday and Wednesday nights nearly made me put a few bullets in my television set. She looked barely able to care for herself let alone the child who was already suffering badly because of the awful conditions they live in.

Now, follow me people. You are a single woman, you have a child for one man who abandons you as soon as the child is born. You suffer, your family can barely afford your keep, much less you and a child, and your solution is to have another child for new man.

The same thing happens all over again. The new man runs away from not just his, but the child he met you with, yet you don't learn your lesson and soon, you have four or five mouths to feed. You are not working, but you expect 'stepfathers' to take care of your children.

You blame the parents and the politicians; you blame the elements, you appear on the microphone with all sorts of reasons for not making use of your education.

I think the time has come for Jamaica to return to the days when the National Family Planning Board carried out that campaign: 'Two is better than too many' or start a new one: 'Children are luxuries I cannot afford ... if I don't have education and a job and preferably a husband by my side to accept his responsibility for the long haul!'.

I wish I could get this country to run for a while. I would teach careless women some lessons. I would somehow find a way to mandatorily sterilise them. Better still, I would see to compulsory birth control until they are suitably qualified to work and capable of taking care of a child. All women would have their tubes tied before they leave the hospital after giving birth to two children for two different men. All delinquent, deadbeat baby-fathers would have their earnings placed in a central pool from which all child support would be taken before they get a cent.