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Tuesday TALK

Published:Tuesday | May 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Dead manners

1.Manners are dead - reportedly killed off by executives of a certain company who don't quite know how to handle new-found wealth and power. Senior management leaves every meeting wilted from the barrage of insults and expletives hurled at them. Sadly, no one dares retaliate in the face of this loutish behaviour, because job security and tenure are all so shaky.

Spy vs spy

2.It's a case of spy versus spy. The law enforcer was not aware that eyes were upon him until he was faced with some pretty incriminating evidence. The word is that his relationship with a boyhood friend caused great unease with the bosses up north and he was forced to give up his lofty ambitions.

Sloppy handling

3. Something needs to be done about campaign contributions - and quickly. To hear it described, campaign donations are handled in a very sloppy manner which creates avenues for corruption. For example, donations are said to be collected simultaneously by party chairmen, treasurers, secretaries, campaign managers, candidates, affiliates - in cash, money transfers, cheques and kind. How is there ever going to be accountability in such a system?

Still in charge

4. Some colleagues who prayed to see the back of their boss are in deep consternation because he is still in charge and seems more firmly entrenched. They, apparently discounted his ability to switch gears and adapt - well, he is now being called the consummate team player. It will take something extraordinary to dislodge him.