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Good job, Mr Holness

Published:Tuesday | May 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM


An open letter to the opposition leader.

Dear Mr Andrew Holness:

I would like to use this medium to express sentiments of heartfelt congratulations to you for your calm, mature, serious and consistent way in which you have been fulfilling your role as opposition leader.

I am particularly pleased that you have remained true to your post-electoral defeat press statement that you intend to function as the watchdog of the country's democracy instead of functioning as the "government's worst nightmare", opposing merely for the sake of opposing.

To this date, you have indeed been an excellent watchdog of Jamaica's democracy, and this is especially evident in :

1. Your straightforward handling of the tax-reform issue in which you clearly stated your support for a tax reform, once it is done in such a way that the poor are not exploited.

2. Your open condemnation of and calls for apology from those responsible for defaming the national flag.

3. Your opposition to and calls for immediate reduction of the elaborate size of the Simpson Miller Cabinet.

4. Your call for the continuation of free heath care, and free tuition up to the secondary level.

5. Your unsolicited advice to Government to reform the financing of tertiary education.

6. Your consistent calls for Simpson Miller to fulfill her pre-election campaign promises.

7. Your establishment of an independent strategic review committee that has been put in place to strengthen the Jamaica Labour Party.

Unquestionably, you have been journeying on a successful path. May God continue to grant you wisdom, courage and strength.