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Published:Wednesday | May 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Reactions to Busy Signal's arrest:

What is wrong with these artistes? I feel sorry for him, but if it is not one thing, it's another.

- Kim Dayle

What's wrong with these people? They do not like to see young, black youth strive. God be with you, Busy Signal.

- Ksweetness Rashford

I don't know what to say, but I'm shocked, especially when I remember Buju. I wish him the best and hope they're wrong.

- Izett Foster

If he's wrong, let it be! If not, pray that they would find him innocent.

- Anita Flet

A man is innocent until proven guilty! Well, if he did whatever they say, let him pay the price. I'm not here to condemn any one.

- Alice Nembhard

Stay strong! The darkest part of the night is just before daybreak. Hold on.

- Kirk Scott

Busy, wasn't looking for something like this at all. These artistes are really letting down the youths of Jamaica. Remember, the youths look up to the artistes. I'm not bashing anyone but I am praying and hoping for the best.

- Angella Rodney

Sorry to hear. I like his music. Guess I should start listening to the words of the artistes' song so I can know what to expect. Long run, short ketch? If he's not guilty, he will be free. Otherwise, God help him.

- Lyn Kennedy Bernard

To me and to all Busy Signal fans in Kenya, this is sad to hear.

- Jymoh K Mutis

Will the Private Sector Working Group's tax proposals benefit Jamaicans?

Honestly, I'm not sure a tax reform will benefit the majority, as the private sector has been saying. Taxes are never the way to improve a country economically. The people need to be educated, and I think ignorance will continue to keep us all where we are at, even if and when this reform has taken effect. I see things getting worse.

- Richard Justdifferent Cohen

Regarding the proposals to add GCT to all items and lower the rate to 12.5 per cent, they won't benefit JAMAICA as the PSWG claims. What would help is if they push their members and partners in the private sector to pay their taxes. Business tax (Word is that more than 50,000 of them are not paying their taxes) income tax, NIS, NHT, education tax, et al.

- Richardo Gordon

The PSWG and its domestic servants have now turned up their assault on truth and decency, and any Jamaican not in the top five per cent income group. The PSWG's new media campaign is a total lie. It lies by suggesting that the majority of Jamaicans will pay fewer taxes after their proposed changes.

The truth is, only the highest income earners will be getting a tax cut; everyone else will see an increase and the largest burden will actually be placed on the lowest income earners.

This will be detrimental to the less fortunate. Lowering the GCT and then putting tax on basic food items is ony a brilliant business idea, but whereas the welfare of those who can barely get by, that's just MURDER! Eventually, more taxes will be collected because more persons will be purchasing those products with tax so as to satisfy their basic needs.