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Bring Back The Love football match to establish basic school in Malvern

Published:Wednesday | May 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Chief organiser of the Bring Back the Love charity football match, Clive 'Busy' Campbell (right), and councillor for the Malvern division, Daren Powell (second right), the former Jamaica and West Indies cricketer, stand before the facility to be transformed into a basic school in Malvern, St Elizabeth, through the Labour Day project today. Looking on are other members of the community. - Photo by Devon Chin

Robert Bailey, Gleaner Writer

The Malvern Community Centre in St Elizabeth will be transformed into a basic school today, as organisers of the Bring Back The Love football match are set to carry out major renovations on the facility.

Among the highlights of the day's activities is a football match, which will feature Entertainers, Masters and Celebrities opposing a St Elizabeth All-Stars team, which will be played at the Munro College, starting at 4 p.m. Lukie D, Christopher Martin, Little Chris and Wickerman have all been confirmed for the for the Entertainers, Masters and Celebrities team.

Clive 'Busy' Campbell, main organiser of the event, said all proceeds from the game will go towards the development and maintenance of the facility.

"This year, we are going to Malvern in St Elizabeth because there is a community centre there that we are going to transform into a basic school," said Campbell.

"We are going to be there from early in the morning to work on this project, and after this we are going to Munro College to play a football match," he said.

Campbell said he makes it a point of duty to give back to children through schools, since he wasn't afforded the opportunity to complete his high school education.

"As a very loyal Jamaican, the kids are very important to me and we should always look to help the kids and this will in turn help with our crime rate in our country," Campbell said. "We are appealing to the persons in and around Malvern, St Elizabeth, to come and support this venture because it is for a worthy cause," Campbell stated. So far, Western Sports, NCB Foundation, Locker Room Sports, Cement Company, Tank-Weld Metals and Food For The Poor are some of the main sponsors of the event.

Admission is $300, while children under 10 will be allowed free access.