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SugaBuzz! Suelan's sweet indulgences

Published:Thursday | May 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Suelan Chung is in the process of completing one of her custom designs.
Cupcakes anyone?
This one is perfect for a diva. - Contributed photos
Capturing someone's personality or love in the form of a cake. - contributed photos

 Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

Anything the mind can conceive, it can create. And this goes for sweet indulgences, too. Suelan Chung of SugaBuzz has been creating sweet oven treats ever since she decided to invest some time in what she grew up seeing her father do.

"My dad always baked, and I used to watch him," she told Food.

Chung admits that at first she was not interested in what her father loved. But later, she unearthed her hidden love and natural affinity for baking and decided to do a course in baking.

"The courses were like therapy for me, and I especially enjoyed the decorating aspects," she revealed.

A graphic designer by profession, Chung says her artistic skills help her when she has to create from the very simple to outlandish cake designs.

"I haven't turned down any jobs as yet as I always come up with a way to make it work. Once a client asked me to create a construction site. She wanted a representation of where her boyfriend worked. I made it happen - steel and all!" she said chuckling.

Admitting that it can be time-consuming because of the intricacies involved, Chung says people may be dissuaded by assumptions of cost.

"The cost really depends on the occasion and what customers are requesting. I work with budgets and I will make something happen."

Started with regular cakes

Most of her cakes now are custom-designed, but she started out in 2009 doing regular cakes.

A fan of TLC Cake Boss, Chung says most of what she has learnt so far has been on the job. She does her own drawings if pictures are not provided by clients.

Her creations are indeed beautiful and are almost totally edible. "We use fondant, edible prints, ink, and paper, so most of the cake is really edible," she explained.

Balancing her creations with her nine-to-five job, she said she sometimes relies on her parents for assistance.

Here is how she balances her time. "After I go home from work, that is the time I really get to bake and do the other prep work. I have to also schedule my time so I can finish in time to make the delivery on time."

Having secured a number of clients, including corporate companies, SugaBuzz is operated out of her home, but it is Chung's hope that one day the business can be expanded to a bakery and pastry café.

SugaBuzz can be contacted via telephone at 389-2561; email:; and can be found on Facebook and Twitter.