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Let Boss fix it for you

Published:Thursday | May 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Get old furniture to look as spanking new as this sofa. - Contributed

Keisha Hill, Gleaner Writer

Are you afraid of inviting your friends or family over because you feel ashamed that your living room suite leaves much to be desired? Are you in a bit of a predicament as there is not enough money to purchase a new one? Why not reupholster it?

You can take the living room suite to Boss Furniture Limited with your own fabric or you can choose from the fabric they have in stock and they can reproduce the set for you. Within three to four weeks, you can have your living room suite back and begin entertaining again.

Here are some more services offered by Boss Furniture Limited to make life so much easier for you:

Contract Manufacturers - If you own or operate a hotel, you can specify a design you would like to have in your company and Boss Furniture Limited will produce the sample and send it back to you for your approval. Once the sample is approved, they will manufacture the product for you.

Contract Manufacturer to other Manufacturers and Distributors - If a manufacturing company only does upholstery; Boss Furniture will design and build the frame for you.

Repair Services - If you own or operate a retail store or outlet and goods, for example chairs, become damaged during shipment, Boss Furniture can repair the damage. However, they do not repair beds that have been used or already slept on.

Extension Services - If you purchase bed frames that are not the standard United States measurement, for example bed frames for dormitories, children's homes and special hotels, Boss can make the mattress to fit them. However, these mattresses are only available in foam. The foam is made to any size, quality and density.

Shipping Convenience - Boss Furniture Limited exports a mixture of bedding and upholstery, foam and pillows in one container. So, instead of the client purchasing three different containers, they get a variety of each item, thus reducing their stock level.

Delivery Service - Products are delivered island-wide.

Private Labelling - If a customer wants his/her own name on the bed, that service is offered. However, it depends on the quantity that you wish to purchase. There is a minimum quantity that is required for such an order.