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Is the JLP finally listening to the people?

Published:Saturday | May 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Holness


I watched a recently posted video titled 'The Renewed Jamaica Labour Party'. In it, Andrew Holness talks about the evolution of the Jamaican society, governance issues such as transparency, as well as the struggle to build a better society.

I noted, with interest, a particular section of his speech: "Our communications will be more coordinated and streamlined. Our workers and supporters will be more connected to the party, and empowered with the knowledge of our mission and vision." I was only left to think, "Someone's listening."

For, one can hardly count the number of times, in the past months, that the JLP has been clobbered over the head with the accusation of being arrogant and out of touch. Any effort on the part of the leadership to strengthen connections with the public will be most welcome.

Hope for future

While I understand that we have heard many nice words from politicians before, I welcome this speech for a number of reasons. Among them:

It demonstrates that the general sentiment about the JLP and its leadership being out of touch, etc., has not fallen on deaf ears. The party stands ready to correct that perception.

The timing of it - a speech like this, outside of an election frenzy - does send the message that there is analysis and introspection in train. In a quiet moment, the party seems to have taken a long, hard look at itself.

We can hardly help but be cynical when pronouncements such as these are made. I know I need not say why. We have almost been programmed to expect broken promises from the mouths of politicians. I would like to believe, and keep that hope, that Mr Holness, and the party, will stand true to these commitments. It's good for the strengthening of relations, good for the democratic process, and good for the country.

Anything less will be terribly disappointing, not to mention welcome fodder for those ready to utter, "I told you so!"