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Those annoying Digicel texts!

Published:Saturday | May 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The practice by Digicel to send promotional messages to their customers' mobile telephones must be looked into by the relevant authorities. It is beyond annoyance now and bordering on harassment.

In late 2010, I complained via a telephone call to Digicel Customer Care and requested that they discontinue the practice, especially as it relates to my number. An apology, for whatever it's worth, was tendered and a promise made that the matter would be addressed. However, the matter was not resolved as promised.

In March 2011, I sent an email to Digicel, CC-ing some other government bodies, and I received a prompt response from the front office manager of Digicel. She escalated my complaint to the technical manager and I was assured by the compliance manager in early April 2011 that my number was removed or blocked from receiving those messages going forward.

Although there was a reduction in the volume and frequency of the promotional notifications, I continue to receive same from Digicel to this day.

I know I speak for several customers that the practice has served to annoy more than it has served to assist customers. I maintain my service not to be harassed by Digicel with those annoying promotional messages.

Since Digicel seemingly cannot be relied upon to fully satisfy the request of its customers, as evidenced by my taking up the issue with them, and since it did not find value in my suggestion that an opt-out option be available for those customers who do not wish to be bothered with those harassing messages, I believe it is time that the company be compelled to do so.

I recommend that the Government, or the body that supposedly has oversight responsibilities for the telecommunication sector, effect regulations that force Digicel, or the telecommunication companies generally, to provide an effective opt-out option for its customers. The harassment must stop.