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Let's Talk Life - Pregnant teenagers

Published:Saturday | May 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • Pregnant teenagers

Dear Counsellor,

I am concerned about teenagers and their sexuality. So many are sexually active and many are pregnant. Many times, the child's father is another teenager or a much older man. Teenagers have to put off their studies while they tend to babies.

- Janet

Dear Janet,

Pregnant teenagers have always been around, and each year, some drop out of school. Sex education and family life are taught in school. Some teenagers drop out of school because of a lack of money. The financial need is taken care of by boyfriends. This causes the teenager to give in to whatever the fellow wants.

Teenagers have to realise that having sexual feelings doesn't mean that they should be having sex. Teenagers need to learn self-control and delay gratification. Teenagers need to delay sex until they finish college and are married. Having sex is a big responsibility as there are unwanted children, sexually transmitted diseases, and cervical cancer. Many times, the girls are forced into sexual activity and the father disappears while the grandmother has to take care of the child.

We will have to encourage no sex before marriage. If the spouse respects the female, he will not force her into early sexual activities.

Both parents need to be working to take care of a baby. There is too much sex with strangers. There is also the issue of sex for lunch money, clothes, telephone, etc.

Trying to guide teenagers is rather challenging as there are others who are encouraging people to have casual sexual relationships.

  • How can I help him?

Dear Counsellor,

My eight-year-old son is passing stool in his underpants and the children are taunting him. What can I do?

- Samantha

Dear Samantha,

Soiling underpants does occur with some boys. This usually leads to poor self-esteem and school failure. He is not able to stay in class because he is smelly.

There are several reasons why boys soil themselves. You need to take him to a paediatrician who will take a history and examine him. He will also need to see the paediatric surgeon, who will also do a physical examination.

Sometimes you have to do potty training as if he were a little child. Some boys who have been raped also experience stool soiling. Constipation can also cause stool soiling.

Dr Yvonnie Bailey-Davidson