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Published:Sunday | May 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • The sun will shine tomorrow

There are days when clouds rise

And swirling darkness fills the skies

When endless rivers water these eyes

There are days when hopes fade fast

And dreams wither like the tender grass

When the future is uncertain and we are haunted by the past

There are days when I hear the cry of the oppressed

And souls searching endlessly for rest

For love, for peace and happiness

I see laughing people everywhere

But they cry when no one hears

I hear the cries of broken hearts and broken homes

For life is a journey that we all walk alone

And sometimes it feels like no one cares

But then I hear Jesus say come I'll take your sorrow

Then I know the sun will shine tomorrow

There are days when we have to say goodbye

We sigh, we cry but nothing can fill the void when someone dies

How can broken hearts find their way

What can we do, What can we say

Heartbreak is the deepest pain

But every broken body part will heal again

For God promised us both days of sunshine and of rain

And so I know it will be fine there will be sunshine

Jesus said I took your place now let me take your sorrows

And then I know the sun will shine tomorrow

- Seon Lewis

  • You are definitely not God

You can never understand


no labels will fit or match

no you are just not God

not even close

no one can predict


legislate me

I can be accused of many things

but God sees and knows

and has recorded all deeds

Everyone wants


Every one wants


and No one is perturbed

if you have to stay forever on your knees

Maybe Frank Fanon had a point

Perhaps Malcolm X had the divide

but Martin Luther King died and one day so will you and I

It's not alright

that we will go

it will never be alright that you made so many suffer, hunger, deliberate deprivation

that is why you

preach a gospel of forgiveness

so you can continue to exploit

without calling for responsibility for those who offend

sufferers continue to cry

you play up the gospel music

no apology

for the two hour wait for a bus to come

old ladies still walking to church

Dear Pastor, it now your turn

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson

  • Eventide

Cries of anguish

Utter confusion

Harmless agers


Citizens crying

Eventide's on fire

Disaster now

The devil's desire

Invalids hopeless

Spared were few

Death could be seen

From all view

Charred remains of civilisation

Arsonist witness say

Mourning, distress, deceased and fear

Could be seen on that sad day

Cries of frustration

Souls deprived

Eventide disaster

Few survived

- Karl Salmon

  • Nosocomial Infection to the Discharged



Why I am not there ?

... you know I'm not ill ...

that's why I am not in hospital like you.

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson

  • University person


not even I


my own eccentricities

so don't worry


not so

pretty head ...


- Helen-Ann Wilkinson

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