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New MJW hopefuls sashed

Published:Monday | May 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The top 20 MJW ladies sashed and with gifts from sponsors. photo by Garfene Grandison

Garfene Grandison, Gleaner Writer

Ahead of the June 23rd Miss Jamaica World (MJW) Coronation show, the top-20 finalists have a series of events that they have to participate in before one is chosen as MJW 2012. One such event is the sashing and public parade, which took place at the Sovereign Centre on Saturday.

Commencing a few minutes after the announced 1 p.m. start time, each of the top-20 finalists started the day's festivities by parading in the trendy ensembles provided by Teen Bling. The audience was very receptive to the females as they did their opening walk.

The venue was packed and the sweat streamed down the faces of patrons, but it didn't stop the cheering. Screams, cheers, noise makers, you name it, were used to show some love and support towards each female. After the opening parade, MCs Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr, and Regina Beavers treated the members of the audience to trivia giveaways courtesy of the pageant's sponsors such as Neutrogena, Soft-sheen Carson and Venus Embrace.

Excitement builds

The giveaways added even more excitement to the parade as patrons were totally immersed in the activity, which allowed the females time to change into their swimwear for the highly anticipated swimsuit segment.

One by one, they made their way down from the third storey, smiling and greeting their supporters, donning swimsuits courtesy of The Mushroom.

Following the individual and group parades, the contestants were sashed. Two of the 20 girls were pre-selected and so they were sashed last. The remaining 18 contestants were entered into a lottery draw conducted by Supreme Ventures where each sponsor held a number that corresponded with the contestant number of each girl.

At the end of the sashing, each girl represented the following sponsors:

Adrianna Bryan (Supreme Ventures), Deanna Robins (Dunns Electrical), Sheena Drummond (Price Construction), Kaniegia Buckle (Optical Solution), Kelly-Ann Diedrick (Green Energy), Chevell Powell (Appleton Special Jamaica Rum), Mackayla Ramlal (Maybelline), Lauren Mackay, (Canadian Brother Development Limited), Irkah Nelson (Sun Island), Dominique Williams (Konnex), Debbie-Ann Williams (Appleton Genesis), Trishauna Clarke (Venus Embrace), Anastacia Douglas (Carefree), Alexan Stewart (Vonessa Salon And Spa), Lauren McClure (Bucmars Inc), Ava Maria Campbell (Fit Shoppe), Shona Bewley (Neutrogena), Claudiann Berry (Listerine), Saneta Kerr (Dark And Lovely), and Rashida Beckford (12 To 12 Promotions).

Each of the 20 finalists was presented with gifts from some of the show's sponsors such as SoftSheen-Carson, Maybelline, Venue Embrace, Neutrogena, Listerine, and Teen Bling.