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JN Foundation calls Jamaica to action

Published:Monday | May 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

ARGUING THAT there is a need to galvanise critical human resources to support development projects at the community level, Saffrey Brown, general manager of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation, has issued a call for citizens across the island to join its new volunteer programme.

The programme, Action Jamaica, was rolled out by the JNBS Foundation last month.

Brown says it aims to "foster civic engagement and empower Jamaicans to become active participants in tackling some of the nation's most persistent challenges."

Through Action Jamaica, the JN Foundation is seeking to "expand the impact of existing organisations by developing a national strategy for volunteerism, and thereby place emphasis on establishing working partnerships to supplement and strengthen charitable efforts within communities," Brown said.

"The JN Foundation will match the interests and competencies of volunteers with existing and upcoming projects included in an approved annual schedule of activities," the general manager added.

"Organisations and community groups are therefore invited to submit requests for Act!on volunteers to assist with their own programmes."

Three volunteer teams

Brown said that the volunteer corps would be structured into three groupings to allow for organising and placement of volunteers based on their special interests and skills.

Team Innovate, Team Inspire and Team Impact will each work in specified areas.

"For instance, volunteers who will provide technical expertise to a project will be channelled into Team Innovate, while those interested in education/outreach and may want to participate in our school-reading unit will be placed in Team Inspire; and Team Impact will be called upon should we require a work group for labour-intensive activities, such as a paint day."

In the meantime, Earl Jarrett, general manager of JNBS and chairman of the JNBS Foundation, said volunteerism is critical to the country's achieving its fullest potential.

"Action Jamaica will facilitate, channel and use the talents and skills of average Jamaicans who want to give back, and aims to make service a way of life for all Jamaicans," he said.

Persons interested in joining Action Jamaica may sign up application forms at the JN Foundation's website at