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Danger lurks at Christiana Bypass

Published:Monday | May 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I struggle to find words to express my shock, dismay, disbelief, and fear. I thought I would have been happy to see that the Christiana Bypass would soon be opened.

But when I saw the intersection by the Apple Tree Plaza, I am sure that (if left as is) scores of persons will soon be sincerely wishing that the bypass was not built, as the price of congestion in the town would be a preferred option to losing or caring for an incapacitated loved one.

In other words, that intersection is the perfect setting for accidents, and I am told that the potential for accidents at the other end of the bypass is much worse.

With absolutely no claim to training or experience in traffic management, my gut feeling is that the future costs of accidents, at this point, will further burden the country's resources and neutralise any perceived and anticipated gains in building this roadway. Can we afford this?

After the furore about this bypass, I hope the relevant authorities will secure the public's safety before approving the opening of this road.