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Published:Thursday | May 31, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • TWITTER - What do you think about the 16.5 per cent tax on electricity bills over 300 kilowatt hours?

(1) Tax electricity across the board, remove tax on basic necessities and reduce PAYE. That way, you are sure everyone pays.

- rookiesha

(2) They are taxing everything. Only the air is left for them to tax. Tax on electricity is not favoured by us the consumers, but what can we do about it?

- DallioStarr

(3) JPS bills will soon climb over 300 kilowatts without any explanation. They give you two fingers and take it back with two hands.

- rd1

  • Facebook - Do you think the new room tax for hotels will have a positive or negative impact on the industry?

(1) Great, if more of the tax revenue went toward communities.

- Sean Imageking

(2) How much? I know in the Dominican Republic it's like 22 or 26 per cent. If people love Jamaica like I do, it won't matter.

- Carla McClendon Dioume

(3) It's about time the hotel industry in Jamaica moves into the 21st century. Hotels across the world have been doing this for a very long time. Let's just hope the revenue garnered is used for Jamaica's infrastructure and not to line the fat cats' pockets!

- Robert A. Richardson

(4) About time they get taxed too. Everytime Budget is read, they say they don't want to be taxed. Big up to Phillips!

- Jason Shaw

(5) I believe the new room tax for hotels will have a negative impact. However, for many years, they have not paid much. Even with current prices, many citizens of Jamaica are not privileged enough to go to these hotels.

- Mareka Adventurous Thomas

(6) My trips to Jamaica are getting more and more expensive. I can't afford any more tax. It's crazy. The more money you pay, the less you get for your money. I might just as well stay home.

- Dawn Marie Pranckevicus

(7) It will offset some of the credit and tax waivers that the hotel interests get every year at the expense of the rest of Jamaica.

- Courtney Bowen

(8) More taxes mean more funds for the incompetent Government to mismanage, like they have done with all the money borrowed since Independence. We need some transparency on how this money is going to be spent. We want to see results and accountability.

- Geophil Brown

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