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Thursday Talk

Published:Thursday | May 31, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • The search continues

1. Story going around in political circles is that when some in the party say the entity did not receive any funds from the now-disgraced and imprisoned former high-flying one, they are speaking the truth. They say a search of the party's finances shows no wire transfers to the party coffers. They say, however, that some individuals are on record as having admitted to receiving money from the felon so those searching for the funds should turn the searchlight on the finances of the 'facilitator'.

  • Agri or housing lands?

2. Lots of talk making the rounds about certain land deals and transactions under the last administration that need to be investigated. According to those in the know, there was major corruption involved that saw two entities signing off on the "change of use" entitlement which saw hundreds of acres of land, previously labelled as agricultural, being changed to residential use, which facilitated housing developments. The argument is that the land was gobbled up at concessionary prices.

  • Politics and scams

3. Some say the links between the head of the scammers and politicians run very deep. They say there will be lots of eggs on many faces when this is exposed.

  • Drugs and sex

4. Disquiet is growing in some sections of the tourism industry, as major players are growing plain old tired of the harassment their guests must suffer daily. They say things have got to the point where drug dealers now swim up on the beaches on horses, others ride up on jet skis or speedboats to the water's edge to offer drugs and/or sex for sale to visitors. Problem is compounded, they say, as the police, when called, do nothing to enforce the laws of the land.

  • What's up here?

5. Word that the official is not planning to return home is being snickered at in some quarters. They say this is akin to running off on a visitor's visa, or no different from the farm worker who runs off while on a specific performance contract!

  • Busy local, US cops

6. Story making the rounds is that the police and their US counterparts have been busy out west, rounding up some drug lords who have been masquerading as businessmen. They say at least two high-profile 'businessmen' are now in custody, awaiting extradition hearings, causing others to have gone into hiding.

  • Where's the law?

7. Some are asking why criminal charges have not being brought against the two who reportedly tried bribing the police for a traffic infraction. Some say there is a taped conversation of the offers of bribe, so they cannot understand why those involved have not yet been brought to book.