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Stop trying to please the gallery

Published:Thursday | May 31, 2012 | 12:00 AM


G2K is much stronger and more relevant, thanks to the leadership of Delano Seiveright. It is always refreshing to have a leader who is not burdened by what people, who have no desire to see you succeed, think or believe. I am afraid that the JLP has fallen victim to wanting to be on their best behaviour to please the gallery, while the PNP plays all sorts of tricks to win, win and win again.

To add insult to injury, the gallery that the JLP is so intent on pleasing is full of either mindless PNP sympathisers or non-voting apathetic minority middle-class citizens wanting perfection that does not exist.

Trapped again

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding was probably one of our best leaders. Unfortunately, he trapped himself again wanting to please the gallery. The JLP could learn a lesson or two from Delano. I respect him for not playing the role he could have easily played, of being the subservient young JLP intellectual hoping to get a few ringing endorsements from the hypocritical media and civil society from time to time.

I do hope that the two election defeats, the silence of the media and civil society, and the smooth sailing of the budget despite landing one of the harshest tax packages in history, send a signal to the JLP.

Jermaine Richards