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Twice-victimised car owners

Published:Friday | June 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM


My car was stolen last December, and until today, the tragedy of that night still haunts me. I realise how prevalent and far-reaching this car-stealing industry is, and how many persons have been affected by it.

It took about four months for my insurance company to investigate and settle my claim. You can understand how anxious I had become to regain a motor vehicle, especially considering that my current job requires me to be mobile. After scouting the market, I finally located the vehicle of my choice and began the financing process.

I was expecting my premium to increase, given the recent theft; however, I was not expecting to be told by at least two insurance companies that they would not even consider insuring me, one saying not till after three years.

I had my previous motor vehicle for two years and never missed an insurance payment. I was the victim of hoodlums and thieves, and now I am seen by insurance companies as a liability, not worth their time or money. The initial tragedy of losing my motor vehicle has put me in a greater tragedy of not being able to get a new motor vehicle.

Insurance companies are obviously not here to assist me, so who can?


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