Sun | Jun 20, 2021

Show us you care, PM!

Published:Saturday | June 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM


After a month's delay, Finance Minister Peter Phillips outlined a Budget with tax measures that will bring pressure to the poor in our society. One could even see those of the middle class joining the poor.

All sectors will be hit, and some are crying for a review and a few expressing tolerance. While I must admit some amount of sacrifice is necessary from all of us, I must join the call for a rollback of general consumption tax on books and other simple food items. Tax on these items is really senseless, without any cushioning for the poor. The poor simply cannot bear anymore.

On Thursday, some members of the public sector signed off on a wage freeze. As I watched the news Thursday night, the prime minister, in her usual charismatic manner, touchingly thanked them for understanding, as she put it, "your prime minister cannot do better at this time". As the news continues, the minister of finance added, "Everyone has to do their part."

After digesting all of this, I could not help making this request of the prime minister and her team: "Show us you really care, join in and make a sacrifice too. Take, at least, a 15 per cent pay cut and instruct your ministers to do the same. I am sure even the Opposition would follow suit.

While this would be a minimal amount of money and may not influence the Budget much, I believe it would make this bitter medicine we are asked to swallow a little more tasteful.


Claremont PO, St Ann