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Trial-and-error PNP Budget

Published:Saturday | June 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM


As I read my Gleaner daily, I have been paying keen attention to the comments from various analysts on the tax issue.

After watching aspects of the Budget presentation by the minister of finance, I am convinced that the Government is taking us for fools.

The Government could not be serious with these tax measures. It is working on a trial-and-error basis and testing our tolerance level at the same time. I am not a betting person, but on this one I am wagering that further on the Simpson Miller administration will roll back or remove some of the taxes they have tabled. Then they'll call a big press conference or keep a party to announce that they have removed the tax from this and that and let it come across as if they are doing something new for us.

We must wise up. These situations happen time and again. Let us tell them once and for all that we know their tricks. We must not fall for them.

On another matter, I am tired of government officials seeking mileage. What is wrong with negotiating the terms of an agreement? We should only be overly concerned where there is evidence of illegality and/or corruption. Mr Roger Clarke does not realise that this is the very thing why investors stay away from countries.

The toll road investors have been given 40 years to control the toll income. That is an agreement that they negotiated. The Jamaica Public Service Company negotiated a deal when the utility provider was divested. So muddying these private investors' name in the public domain should not be encouraged.

Mr Editor, I am not saying whether the deals are fair or not. What I am saying is that an agreement negotiated between two parties is just that.

I also agree that no tax should be paid on dividends. One would have already paid the tax on the PAYE from which one invested a portion. So what with taxing it again? Oh, no, they must have been drunk when they dreamed up this Budget.


Cedar Grove, Portmore