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Michael does 'every likkle sinting' to make ends meet

Published:Saturday | June 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Michael Bell says he does 'every likkle sinting' in Porus. - Photo by Nedburn Thaffe

PORUS, Manchester:

IN THE heart of the town of Porus in Manchester, just next door the police station, is a very interesting sign. It is one which sums up the spirit of a people who dare to be different and know how to exploit the power of the Jamaican patois.

Here is a bit of advice to people looking to do their shopping in Porus. When you pick up that market basket, hop on the bus and make that stop in the quiet rural town, just remember one thing, "Railway sell every likkle sinting."

"New ray-ray store di deh, art and digital wuk di deh, market di deh, chemical fi wok di deh, media and publishing di deh," and perhaps the most interesting thing of all, you can even "create yuh own wuk deh." Take note that these are not my words.

Advertisement mounted on high

If you are lucky, in the same vicinity, you will come upon a man who is the living embodiment of the adverttisement mounted high in the town. A Rastafarian with a semi-grey beard and a welcoming personality, he goes by the name Michael Bell.

If you ask him what he does for a living, he will tell you, "Every likkle sinting." He is from the neighbouring Clarks Town community and is known by everyone. His popularity in the town is mostly because he has worked with nearly all the stores in town.

"Me used to work a Mr Henry, me work a Barnett, me work a Ms Young. Anyweh di wuk deh, me go fi it, you see me." he said.

Bell continued: "Me is a Rastaman. Me fraid a lick and me caan tek lick from police, so me go out deh fi di wuk."

Asked what he believes the Government could do for the people of Porus, Bell rose, like an ambassador, and said, "Porus needs more infrastracta, man, and the people dem want work."

In the midst of our conversation, a large truck drove up with the word 'Nutramix' on it.

"Hold on deh, me soon come," he said as he got up from where he was sitting. Off he went to unload the feed from the truck. 'Anyweh di work deh, Michael Bell di deh.'

- N.T.