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Island boy - Tyson Beckford

Published:Monday | June 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Jamaican born supermodel Tyson Beckford. - Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer

Garfene Grandison, Gleaner Writer

Tyson Beckford rose to stardom as the male face of Ralph Lauren's Polo line. Although he is no longer the face of the brand, the model-turned-actor maintains a very good relationship with the brand.

Beckford was recently in Jamaica for StyleWeek on the invitation of his good friend Sophia MaxBrown. It was his first time attending StyleWeek but admits that he is in Jamaica quite often. "At least four times per year," he admits. He confesses that although his visits are low-key, he enjoys Jamaica because it's home. Kingston, Negril, Port Antonio and Montego Bay are his favourite spots because there is just always something new to discover. He refers to Jamaica as the St Tropez of the Caribbean. Fishing and crab hunting are hobbies that he remembers from his childhood with his brother and father.

New project

The 41-year-old has no reason to slow down any time soon. He recently wrapped up his latest project with Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model as a judge, which required him to live in London for two months. He also did the Choice which is a dating show to be aired in the United States this month.

Having travelled the world, Beckford notes that there is no other country in the world that has a style like Jamaica. "I have been to places like Cannes, France and nobody has style like Jamaica, we just have our own unique style."

Off the runway, Tyson maintains a simple and sensible wardrobe. That's his fashion style. He admitted to pricing each article of clothing that he wears. "Sometimes it depends on how I feel though. I will do Abercrombie sometimes and then another time I will do preppy polo boy," he ended.

His life in the Big Apple is not very different from his visits back home - interviews, press ops, red carpet events and appearances are items on his daily schedule. But at home he is more relaxed. "In Jamaica, there's no pressure. In Jamaica, the vibe is just laid back, no pressure," he laughed.

Beckford retired a few years ago from the movie business but has since said, "You can't retire from something that you are good at or something that you are the king of. You have to just keep reinventing yourself." However, he is still interested in the movie business, although he notes that Hollywood is slow.

He revealed that there are a few scripts that he is currently reading and will begin to negotiate talks with directors to see if he will move forward with any of the prospective projects.

The lean Tyson says he cannot help but be in love with Jamaican food. His favourite dish is fish - done any style.

As it relates to his personal life? Smiling he adds, "I'm in good hands, I've got a girl I like, but I don't know if I can leave my brother alone because somebody has to look out for him," he said jokingly.

Right now, it's chill time for Tyson. He works from September to July and then chill from June to August.