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LETTER OF THE DAY - Give GSAT scholarships to neediest bright kids

Published:Monday | June 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM


There are many Jamaican children in rural communities that need financial assistance to cater to their educational needs. I continue to applaud those Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) top achievers who have done exceptionally well in their exams.

Most times, these top achievers are from good financial backgrounds. Moreover, many do not necessarily need these scholarships.

However, they could be highlighted in various ways or given other incentives for their outstanding achievements. This is because their future is already financially secure.

I strongly believe that priority should be given to students who are in need of financial assistance. They are the ones who need the help and support to further their education. Yet, they are being deprived every year from the grants and other financial support that could make their lives easier.

Even though most of these students are from low-income families, they have pulled through, attaining 90-94 per cent averages. Yes, they, too, have worked hard over the years and have done tremendously well, working with little or no resources. Many of them cannot afford the materials requested to prepare them for GSAT, and the challenge continues throughout high school with the added stress and burden on their parents, who can barely scrape through to make ends meet.

Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites and other stakeholders, I urge you to turn your focus on those needy children from communities that are really in need of these scholarships. Let us do something for them so they can build a stronger and better Jamaica.


Clifton District

Askenish PO, Hanover