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Help Montego Bay's homeless and drug addicts

Published:Monday | June 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I would like to thank prominent Montego Bay citizen Mr Robert Dalley for writing in the People's Report section of The Gleaner dated June 2, 2012 regarding the long-standing problem of large numbers of street people that has affected the city of Montego Bay.

It seems that nobody cares about them because of their current situation. It is timely that Mr Dalley has seen it fit to write to The Gleaner concerning this very serious issue that requires the immediate attention of the mayor and the members of parliament of St James. I join him and other well-meaning citizens in demanding that the authorities address this issue.

The homeless should be removed from the streets and be placed in the appropriate facility in Montego Bay. The Cornwall Regional Hospital's Drug Rehabilitation Ward should not have been closed, and I am calling upon the Government and the Ministry of Health to recognise the importance of having such a ward opened and functioning, and to ensure that it is up and running over the next six months.

There are so many drug addicts in Montego Bay and other sections of the parish who require a drug-addiction treatment programme.


Torado Heights, MoBay