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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | June 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Wife of the matey?

1.People are not quite sure whether the back-up status belongs to the wife or the matey. The question arises because all three have been rolling 'round town and sometimes it is the matey who puts the first foot forward. Matey says she is ecstatic that she is now getting her rightful and overdue attention.

Frothing at the mouth

2. Suspicion is aroused when certain persons are heard railing against the budget. Some people have described a few cringe-worthy moments which occurred last week when the loyalist was seen frothing at the mouth as he ripped certain measures apart. Indeed it was the voice of Esau...but who was pulling his string in the background?

Watch out, patrons!

3. Patrons at certain places of entertainment who want to save their public reputation had better be careful to avoid hidden cameras - in a split second images are captured and it takes as long to go viral.

Cuba visits

4.The prescription for tired, pop-down personalities is to take a siesta in nearby Cuba. One gentleman has taken the recommendation quite seriously and has been sailing into port on a regular basis. From all accounts, he has displayed keen interest in the birds of that paradise.

Luxury fun!

5.When it comes to gambling, not even political affiliation can stand in the way of a grand ole Vegas time. This explains why, although they are from opposite poles, the two were observed rolling the dice while basking in the lap of luxury.