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SLB was right to name and shame

Published:Tuesday | June 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The recent publishing in the major newspapers of the photographs of delinquent Students' Loan Bureau (SLB) borrowers was a necessary evil, all things considered.

Persons who benefit from these loans presumably represent a group of students of such a parlous financial state that funds from this revolving loan are the only source and enabler for the completion of tertiary studies, which otherwise would have only been a pipe dream.

Many of these 'privileged' students understand very early that education can be a ticket to social and economic improvement, and is a veritable vehicle for securing a life of meaning and dignity.

And that is just the rub. The student loan facilitates the upward climb from poverty of a great number of individuals, many of whom go on to honour their commitments to the fund. In doing so, those who attempt repayment are virtually throwing a lifeline to future generations of resource-challenged Jamaicans.

Delinquent borrowers, on the other hand, particularly those who, in bad faith, deliberately and knowingly disregard their obligations fall in the category of selfish traitors. They have betrayed their social class on the altar of selfishness and inexplicable carelessness.

When poor people are the willing architects of the demise of their own socio-economic group, these actions take on a particularly heinous character. The irony of the situation is that many of these persons may have the gall to take centre stage in justifiable moral crusades against the 'system'.