Wed | Jun 23, 2021

Inappropriate school attire

Published:Wednesday | June 6, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I am a male student and I must admit that I am very concerned about the attire of many schoolboys.

Acting and dressing like a gentleman is now scoffed at. As a matter of fact, you are more likely to be seen as a weirdo if your shirt is tucked in and your pants fits snugly at the waist, moving freely around your legs.

It is important to note that not every piece of clothing will suit our body shape and size. We must come to the realisation that while we may want to wear the most contemporary styles, we must pay more attention to what is appropriate and what suits us rather than what everyone is wearing.

There are rules which govern students' dressing in schools, and I can't understand why boys are allowed on school grounds looking as if they are severely constipated or employed to a circus.

I certainly hope that school administrators will specify what is appropriate dress for school and be firm about it.

ALTON REID (Student)

Claude McKay High School

James Hill, Clarendon