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Thursday Talk

Published:Thursday | June 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • Free ride

1. Friends and colleagues are now saying the lesson to be learnt is that all that glitters is not gold, as stories abound of his inviting friends out for dinner and drinks and then stuffing them with the tab. But the story that has some shaking their heads in disbelief is the one that he took an out-of-town tryst, and upon his return to the city complained bitterly that the young lady never offered to share the cost of gasolene!

  • Big joke

2. Stories that the neighbours hosted a tea party in honour of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee still have many in the gated community cracking up! They find the gesture laughable, as they are asking if they are such loyal subjects, how come they never made the list of invitees asked to join the four-day celebrations in London?

  • No to reception

3. Word that the prime minister has declined all offers by friends and supporters to host the traditional post-Budget cocktail reception have many lauding the move. The PM's position is that any such celebration, in light of the current austerity and economic hardship faced by the majority, would be in very bad taste.

  • Leaks, misinformation

4. After leaks and incidents of misinformation, many are calling for heads to roll, as they say the information making its way into the public domain is based on leaks by leftovers. Leftovers is the operative word which, when translated, means sympathisers of the Opposition in preferred positions and privy to privileged information, whose political allegiance trumps their oaths and forswearing to the Official Secrets Act, resulting in the leaking of confidential information.

  • Audit time

5. One account has been identified by many as being the outlet which facilitated the transfer of funds from some in the private sector to one high-ranking member of the political establishment now out of favour. Problem for those in the private sector is that the taxman is now auditing the accounts and the high-ranking member is denying all knowledge of payments to the account!

  • Bad language

6. Some are expressing concern at the language, as it would shame even the pirates of old. And with talk of unpaid bills and such, some say now may not be good timing.

  • Not missing this person

7. Some are saying one of the blessings of the recent change in administration is that those in officialdom no longer have to deal with a certain one. They say no one is missing the coarse language.