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Published:Thursday | June 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Bobene Ellis
Charmaine Harris
Lavern Brown
Lennox Morrison
Shamir Brown
Stokely McDonald
Ann-Marie Toyloy
Benjamin Harris
Robert Smith
Suzie Palmer
Marcia Lawrence
  • Marcia Lawrence

I believe $500 should be added to the minimum
wage. One has to take into consideration the new tax package, and also
that GCT on electricity has been removed. I have not been able to
conduct a scientific study to determine the positives and negatives, so
therefore, this response might be a bit

  • Robert

About $10, 000 a week would be OK because things
ruff, some people have to pay rent, send pickney a school, find food,
pay bills. The $4,500 just can't work out to the high cost of

  • Stokely

I'm expecting an increase in the region of
$7,500. I think that would be

  • Shamir

I think the minimum wage at present is a bit
below world standards. We need to bring the minimum wage up so as to
give persons a better chance at life, especially with the increases we
are now seeing. I think if it's possible, they could increase it by more
than the single-digit percentage.

  • Lavern Brown

I wouldn't work for minimum wage, $4,500, because I have children going to school and minimum wage is far too cheap to send children to school - and to live on, as a matter of fact. The least I think it should be is $10,000 per week, that's even if you don't have a child going to school.

  • Bobene Ellis

I am not going to work for minimum wage as it is now, because that would just be fare and lunch money. I would not be able to save anything out of that or send my child to school out of $4,500. So based on what I have to do, I would like to see it increase to $8,000 per week. I would work for that.

  • Lennox Morrison

My expectation, it should be like $5,500 because of the economy and the crisis that we are in right now.

  • Charmaine Harris

Minimum wage at present, $4,500, is really and truly senseless because I have children to go to school, to find lunch money, supermarket bill, bus fare to go to and come from work, and light bill. So $4,500 - especially if you are a single mother - is unreasonable. I think that even to increase it to $7,000 would be reasonable for a single mother with responsibilities and still that would be hard to work with.

  • Suzie Palmer

I would say $5,500. I can survive on that if I am
getting that right now.

  • Ann-Marie

I think the minimum wage should move to
$7,000. A lot of persons are single parents and with all the taxes,
especially on some of the food items, it is very difficult to survive on
a minimum wage of $4,500. Cost of living is way higher now, so the
minimum wage need to increase

  • Ninja

believe that the minimum wage should be increased by $800 making it to
$5,300. Times are hard, and an increase at this time will help to better
deal with price increase of basic food items, new taxes, and to also do
a little saving. Many minimum wage earners also have to use the public
transportation system, and any increase at this time will be a welcome

  • Benjamin

I think that the increase to the minimum wage
should be $1,000, which is an increase from $4,500 to $5,500. This will
greatly assist persons earning minimum wage at this time, having to
compete with the recent tax package announced by the minister of
finance, which will affect basic food items, among other