Thu | Jun 24, 2021

Investigate more

Published:Thursday | June 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I WRITE this letter in regard to an article in The Sunday Gleaner of June 3, which spoke about schools and the nutribuns they recieve. It's often ironical that outsiders tend to look inside a situation from outside then cast wholesale blame and make conclusions without first doing a thorough investigation.

The report mentioned speaking to a teacher anonymously, but to how many teachers did the reporter actually speak? What was his sample size and what communities did he go to? My reason for questioning the report is that I know of at least three primary schools in east and central Kingston which are somewhat hinged on the nutribun programe. What some Jamaicans don't know is that the schools have to sell the products to community members or else they are threatened.

Similarly, when the products are delivered early in the mornings they are stolen by the community members. Long lines can often be seen at the canteen of one particular primary school in east Kingston as parents and other community jostled to get a bag of bulla, bun or rock cake.

Fights will break out too. It might not sound petty, but this is the plight of some school. Second, a lot of the students without lunch do not want the bulla, bun or rock cake and a bag juice for their lunches. They, in fact, refuse to eat it.

The Ministry of Education needs to start over in its quest to provide this. They also need to realise the problems inner-city schools face, and journalists need to investigate more.