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Wisconsin governor's win invigorates Republicans

Published:Thursday | June 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Supporters of a recall effort against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sing a union solidarity song outside the State Capitol Building after polling results begin show a victory for Walker in statewide recall elections Tuesday. Wisconsin residents have been casting votes in recall elections against Walker, his lieutenant governor and several state senators.
Governor Scott Walker


Governor Scott Walker's definitive victory in Wisconsin's recall election is already reverberating in other state capitals. It exposed the shrunken political muscle of the unions that tried to oust him, underscoring their vulnerability to attacks from the right and inability to retaliate.

Republicans in some nearby states where anti-union measures failed this year say they now plan to use Walker's victory to mount renewed efforts in 2013.

Instead of ejecting the Republican who slashed state and local government workers' job benefits and bargaining rights, the union-instigated recall has made Walker a heroic model for conservatives five months before the November election.